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All Guilds Meeting - January 2014

Bild des Benutzers Doobes

We're in a new year now and that means our first All Guilds Meeting of 2014!  A quick meeting to say the least.  Here are our raw and cleansed chatlogs in case you missed things, plus our usual handy summary:

Cavern Tours

Zeke365 was the first presenter, detailing his plans for his Cavern Tours.  They will begin again for 2014 starting on January 7th at 22:00 KI time.  Explorers can gather in Ae'gura about an hour prior to the start (21:00 KI time).  Along for the ride will be r'Tayrtahn as historian and Stone as the technician.  For anyone interested in organizing a European version of Cavern Tours, they're encouraged to contact Zeke on the MOULa forums (he is zeke3651 there) or at his e-mail (

Heritage Night

Doobes stepped in for Jamie Marchant to update everyone on the upcoming Heritage Night.  The special guest for the night is someone we haven't seen for quite some time: OHB!  Those who want to hear a retelling of events from the creater of OHBot can meet in the Heritage Night's hood on Saturday, January 18th at 13:00 KI time.  More up to date information can be found on the forum thread.

D'ni Language Classes/Story Night

Shokhootahn Rehn (aka r'Tayrtahn) was next to talk about D'ni Language 101 and two separate Story Nights.  The classes will begin on January 6th and run through February 10, held on each Monday at both 09:00 and 23:00 KI times.  As for the Story Nights, one will be held by battlebotboy, who is reading The Book of Atrus through the year.  The other is the usual Story Night hosted by r'Tay held in Tsahno's Hood every Saturday at around 22:30 KI time.

Guild of Writers

Fresh off the latest Gehn shard update, Hoikas talked to the crowd about a few developments.  He thanked everyone who attended the Christmas Party Hop last month.  Just recently, they reached 1,000 active avatars in the shard as well!  To celebrate all this, as well as the shard's second birthday, the Guild will be having a party on Saturday, February 8th!  Details for the party are forthcoming and will be finalized soon. 

On a final note, he mentioned the overhaul of the shard's installer, which now does NOT require the user to manually copy the "dat" and "sfx" files to the Gehn shard's install folder like before.  The installer will now look for the MOULa files on the computer itself and, if not found, will download them directly from Cyan's server like the MOULa installer (thus avoiding any legal distribution problems).  The Open Cave will also be implementing this change into their installer soon.

Guild of Messengers

The GoMe rounded out the meeting as they always do.  Doobes mentioned the transcript by Musica of the interview the D'ni Musicological Research hood held with Rand Miller back in late July.  He also added his thanks to all those that helped make the Christmas Party Hop so successful and, like Hoikas, hinted there might be another one at the end of this year that will hopefully include a party in Minkata shard.


The CAVCON meter for December finished out at an estimated 2.7, which isn't bad, but isn't great either.  Be sure to donate to the cause if you have some post-holiday cash to spare!

February, here we come!

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